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We’ve been chased by police and terrorised by stalkers because we’re called James Bond – having this name is a curse


IT’S a name that conjures up suave sex appeal and dashing daredevil skills.

But for the real men named after Britain’s most famous spy, being called James Bond is both a blessing and a curse.

Bond actor Pierce Brosnan in the iconic agent's pose
Bond actor Pierce Brosnan in the iconic agent's pose
Sun man Josh Saunders with Gunnar James Bond Schafer at The Other Fellow
Sun man Josh Saunders with Gunnar James Bond Schafer at The Other FellowCredit: Supplied
Gunnar James Bond Schafer with his Bond snowmobile at his museum
Gunnar James Bond Schafer with his Bond snowmobile at his museumCredit: Gunnar James Bond Schäfer / James Bond 007 Museum
Gunnar on his BMW R 1200 in the documentary
Gunnar on his BMW R 1200 in the documentaryCredit: The Other Fellow / Bulldog Film Distribution

From one man who was jailed for 60 days when police did not believe his name, to those that groan after hearing the same joke every day, the life of a real 007 is not easy.

And new documentary The Other Fellow, out today, reveals just how tough it can be.

Director Matthew Bauer told The Sun: “I thought it would just be Aston Martin jokes and ‘Shaken not stirred’, but there’s a lot more to it.

“They told me stories of being on the run from the police, crazy James Bond fans and stalkers.”

Among the 14 men featured is Gunnar James Bond Schafer.

He lives like his spy hero and changed his name, fittingly, in 2-007.

The 65-year-old, who sells car parts and runs a 007 museum in Sweden, has millions of pounds worth of Bond memorabilia, from the Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo used in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only to Bond Girl bikinis.

Every day, he styles his hair like Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, only drinks James’s favourite Bollinger Champagne and refuses to marry — to be more like Bond.


Gunnar told us: “Everything in my life is to do with James Bond.

“We are similar in our love of martinis, Champagne, the clothes, Omega watches and everything.

“A lot of ladies send me messages and I know what they want. I can read between the lines, but generally women are a mystery to me.

"Fortunately, no one has ever wanted to fight me because of James Bond.

"If they did, I’m a good runner so would be better off doing that than trying to kill people.

“Living like James Bond is a legacy and I’m honoured to be part of the story, it’s helped me through some bad times.”

His obsession with Bond followed the disappearance of his father Johannes, who went missing while visiting family in Germany in 1959, when Gunnar was two years old.

Johannes fought in the German navy during World War Two, but deserted his post and escaped to Sweden, where he became a citizen.

Gunnar said: “I always wondered what happened to my dad and when I saw my first Bond movie, Goldfinger, it reminded me of his story.

“He and Bond have so much in common, but were on opposite sides, one good and one bad.

“James Bond could have had the same experiences as my dad and he became someone I looked up to, who helps me through the day.

“I learned everything my missing father would have taught me from James Bond.”

Gunnar vowed never to tie the knot after seeing 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, fearing a similar fate to 007’s wife Tracy Di Vicenzo, who was murdered shortly after she and the spy wed.

He joked: “James Bond married once and she was killed in one hour.

"I’ve already lost my dad and my wife could die. So I don’t see why I should risk losing a wife too.”

Gunnar’s fixation has seen him amass more than 25,000 pieces of 007 memorabilia.

He started off with a toy version of James Bond’s Aston Martin in 1965 before progressing to the real deal.

He now owns 14 vehicles used by 007.

They include the BMW Z3 from 1995’s Golden EyeJaguar E-Type from the original Casino Royale in 1967 and a BMW R 1200 motorbike that plays a big part in a chase scene in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies.

He also has a tuk-tuk taxi from 1983’s Octopussy, the gondola from 1979’s Moonraker and a hovercraft and snowmobile from 2002’s Die Another Day.

He said: “Of course, I would love to be James Bond. It would be the crowning moment for everything and the legacy of my life.”

Here, we take a look some of the other men called James Bond.