James Bond is alive and well and living in the south east of Sweden. Or at least his namesake is..He has change his name to  James Bond.

James Bond is alive and well and living in the south east of Sweden. Or at least his namesake is..He has change his name to  James BondJames Bond is alive and well and living in the south east of Sweden. Or at least his namesake is..He has change his name to  James Bond Welcome to the worlds first James Bond 007 Museum in  Sweden, Nybro.   www.007museum.com.      Bond 23 JAMES BOND MOVIE 23  MGM and Sony Pictures  UK release 23rd James Bond adventure will be Friday, 26th October, 2012
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Längd 180 mm
Höjd 135 mm
Bredd 30 mm
Vikt 256 g
Material Plast
Modell 03B3
Typ Mantelrörelse
Hopup Nej
Kraft 0.12 Joule
Hastighet 60 m/s
Magasin 13 skott

Walther PPK - original 007:s pistol!
[Används av Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace]



Softair gun i det välkända pistolmärket Walther PPK, pistolen är en exakt kopia av originalet.

Walther PPK (Polizei Pistole Kurz - Short Police Pistol) släpptes på marknaden 1931 och blev genast populär bland olika civila polisenheter i Europa. Under andra världskriget utrustades högre tysk militärpersonal med Walther PPK. Mest känd är pistolen för att ha varit James Bond, 007s favoritpistol i åtskilliga av de äldre Bond filmerna.

Tekniska data:
Svart färg
Anslagsenergi 0,08J
Magasinkapacitet 18st
Ammunition, 6mm plast BBs.
Ammunitionsvikt 0,12g -1,85gr
Ammunitionskaliber 6,0mm
Drivning Fjäder 
Stomme Komposit
Slide Komposit
Konstruktion Komposit
Skala 1:1
Totallängd 163
Vikt 186g

quantum of solace James Bond Walther PPK - original 007:s pistol 007paket1.gif (105922 bytes)

Nu kommer den äntligen tillbaka. Walther PPK. Det finns väl inte någon som har glömt vilken pistol som Roger Moore dominerade med i Bond, den klassiska PPK pistolen. Den har en längd på 163mm och väger 186g. Finns i helsvart 

Tekniska specifikationer

Antal per förpackning 1
Streckkod 4000844389367
Extra magasin
Anslagsenergi 0,08J
Magasinkapacitet 18st
Rekommenderad ammunition 1750,1758,1759,1796
Ammunitionsvikt 0,12g -1,85gr
Ammunitionskaliber 6,0mm
Piplängd 92mm
Drivning Fjäder
Stomme Komposit
Slide Komposit
Konstruktion Komposit
Skala 1:1
Totallängd 163mm
Vikt 186g

Walther PPK  - original 007:s pistol!

Walther PPK/S

    An aura seems to surround some guns, which often has little bearing on the capabilities of the weapon itself. In the fifties, the popularity of cowboy movies, and T.V. shows brought a resurgence of interest in the legion of obsolete .45 Peacemakers which had been gathering dust in gun shops for decades. In the sixties, a generation of shooters who had grown up watching detective movies in the forties and fifties all wanted a .38 snub-nose like the ones their hard boiled heroes toted. In the seventies gun shops could not keep the S&W M-29 revolver in stock after Dirty Harry turned the gun into a legend.
    The Walther PPK was carried by no less a man than James Bond. With such a sterling endorsement the gun could not help but become an icon. In the actual Ian Flemming novels, James Bond carried a Berretta .25; but for some reason the Walther was thought to be a better choice for the movies. The Bond gun was in 7.65 caliber (32auto), which would not be the choice of most American shooters, due to it's low power levels, and uncertain stopping power.
    As all Bond fans know, this gun was first presented to Sean Connery in Dr. No, by a major who was latter to be developed into the Character Q in the series. This was a bit of an update on the original novel series, set in the thirties, written by Flemming, in which Bond carried a Beretta concealed on his person, and a big 45 in his Bentley. The Bentley was updated to an Aston, the Beretta to a PPK, and the 45 seems to have disappeared all together.
    This gun was used in the first 17 James Bond movies, up until the introduction of the new Walther P-99 as primary armament in Tomorrow Never Dies. as such, the PPK was carried by all five of the "official" James Bonds. I suppose it's retirement was overdue. In 1963, when it was first introduced into the series, the PPK was a cutting edge weapon, with fairly sophisticated features, and a bit of an exotic feel, when compared to the standard revolvers and  army pistols floating around. It also held some of the aura of German weaponry, which was a sort of an acknowledgment of the German war machine of W.W.II. Still, time passes. Pistols today are plastic, have double column magazines, lasers, tritium sites, and all sorts of other refinements. Bond no longer wears a Rolex, Drives an Aston Martin, or carries a PPK.
    Considered to be a German gun, it was also made in France and the U.S. Knock offs were made in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Russia, and there is no shortage of copies and imitations. The gun itself is very old world and refined, much like the character who packed it. Developed in the twenties, it was one of the first double action pistols, and was used by the German police. Production of the PP (Police Pistol) model, with a longer barrel and grip, began in 1929. The Shortened PPK (Police Pistol Short) version was introduced in 1931. The action of the PPK was the basis upon which the latter P-38 was developed. In order to overcome import restrictions, and to help offset German labor costs, which were getting pretty high, the PPK began to be manufactured in the United States in 1978, by Ranger Manufacturing in Gadsen, Alabama. A stainless version was soon offered by the American manufacturer. Present day American production guns are made under license, by Smith and Wesson.
    My gun was made in Germany and imported into the U.S. in the seventies by Interarms. The Walther PPK could not be brought into this country because import restrictions, introduced in the notorious gun control act of 1968, prohibited importation of guns that were under a certain size. Walther solved this problem by mating a PPK slide to a PP frame, which held one more round and made the gun tall enough to be acceptable. This gun was called the PPK/S, and happens to be the model I own. You can see the Interarms mark towards the front of the slide, on the right hand side of the gun. The story of Interarms, in Alexandria Virginia, and their relationship with the U.S. intelligence community is a fascinating tale in it's own right.

     The PPK has a terrible, long 17 pound trigger pull in double action, although it's single action pull is quite good. The action is a straight blowback with no lock up, firing the. 380 cartridge which is a sufficient, but marginal man stopper. A photo showing the 380 alongside a 9mm is to the right. Like most smaller handguns, the PPK has a fair amount of perceived recoil, making it surprisingly hard to shoot, considering the power of it's cartridge. The 380 drives a bullet of around 100 grains to velocities of just under 1000 fps. There are said to be new bullet styles that will expand reliably at these velocities. Previously, high performance bullets, like hollow points, did not work properly at velocities below the speed of sound (approximately 1100 fps). These new designs are giving the old 380 round a new found respect, and are making the compact series of guns which are designed for their use, much more desirable.
    The thinness of the PPK makes it conceal well, so it would seem to be a natural for concealed carry. The fit and finnish are excellent as they should be considering the cost. The sights are merely adequate, but the whole gun has a very satisfying, high quality feel to it. In truth, for the demands of the little 380 round, the PPK is probably built much more heavily than it needs to be. There is a loaded chamber indicator which protrudes just above the hammer when a round is chambered. This is a feature that I never cared for; but it is there for those who prefer such things. It protrudes just above the lanyard style hammer, and can thus be felt as well as seen. The slide stays back after the last shot is fired, but there is no slide release; the slide must be pulled back after a new magazine is inserted.
      The walther PPK was initially produced for the German police, and was issued with a full flap holster, and one extra magazine. Today a variety of holsters are available, ranging from the shoulder holster of James Bond, through high ride hip holster, to ankle holsters. I presently have a medium frame nylon belt holster, which fits the gun quite well, and an inside the pants holster, which is handsome; but sees little use. My favorite holster for this gun, is the ankle holster. I picked up an Uncle Mike's nylon ankle holster, which fits the gun pretty well, and is reasonably easy to carry. The only problem here, is that if extra magazines are to be carried, they either rattle around in the pocket, or need to be carried in belt pouches. This kind of defeats the whole concealment and hideout aspect of using an ankle holster. The best solution I have found was to come up with a leather cuff, to which I sewed a couple of flaps of leather to create a double magazine pouch. I then sewed some velcro strips to the edges so that the cuff can be adjusted and worn on the ankle opposite the gun. This works well, looks good enough, and does not compromise the concealment of the gun, as might be the case were I to use standard magazine pouches. The magazines are held in strictly by friction; but I have yet to have any slippage, even when running, and climbing. Why didn't Q come up with something like this for James Bond? The gun can also be carried in a belly band holster, though just barely. In truth, the PPK is a bit large for a belly band, making the ankle holster, or possibly the old SOB style holster, the best bet for concealment.
    The Walther PPK is a class act, that points well, handles comfortably, and is fairly accurate, considering the sights, trigger, and size of the piece. Overall the Walther is a very nice gun, and although I own guns which I consider to be much more capable, James Bond didn't carry any of them

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